How did Jesus save us?

By Evan Kardaras, Sub-Deacon at St. Mary & St. Mina Coptic Orthodox Church, Bexley, Australia. (Talk given at a Youth Meeting, April 2019) How did Jesus save us? What exactly did he accomplish on the cross? These are the questions we will hopefully explore today in this talk. In order to do this, we will need to... Continue Reading →

What did Christ do on the Cross – Part I

By Fr. Peter Farrington – St. George Ministry – Coptic Mission Communities in the UK. When we consider what Christ achieved on the Cross, what his death and suffering means, we discover that there are a variety of analogies and mutually illuminating explanations which the Scriptures and the Fathers of the Church use to express... Continue Reading →

Salvation in the Orthodox Concept

By Fr. Antonios Kaldas - Parish Priest from Archangel Michael & St. Bishoy Coptic Orthodox Church, Sydney, Australia. Eastern and Western Christians agree that sin separates humanity from God and that Christ reversed that separation. But what is sin, and what did Christ do to reverse it? That is where they disagree. This article looks at... Continue Reading →

Sin, Death and the Fall

By Fr. Peter Farrington – St. George Ministry – Coptic Mission Communities in the UK. I would like to consider the dogmatic aspects of Sin, Death and the Fall which are the basis of man’s estrangement from God, and the cause of our needing a Saviour. We will look at these different aspects in turn, and... Continue Reading →

Penal Substitution

By Fr. Peter Farrington – St. George Ministry – Coptic Mission Communities in the UK. It seems to me, from my study of St Cyril and St Severus (which I am not suggesting is comprehensive), that the Anselmian notion of Penal Substitution is very far from their own Orthodox teaching. Indeed I do not believe it... Continue Reading →

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