The Bible

By Fr. Antonios Kaldas You will notice that in the last post I listed the Bible as a subheading under the heading ‘Tradition’. I did this to emphasise the nature of role of the Bible in Orthodox (and Roman Catholic) Christianity, in contrast to its role in Protestant Christianity. Protestants mostly follow a doctrine named... Continue Reading →

The Canonization of Scripture

I. Which Version of the Old Testament? Today, it is very common to know the list of Bible books “down pat” among Evangelicals – our kids sing songs in Bible School, etc. Every Bible keeps the books in the same order, and divides the Old Testament nicely into “the Law,” “The Prophets,” and ‘The Writings,”... Continue Reading →

The Holy Scripture (Bible)

The Orthodox Church believes that the Holy Scripture is the divinely inspired Word of God (2 Timothy 3:16). It is the story in which God reveals His love for man throughout the history of mankind. The Old Testament tells of the history of that revelation from Creation through the Age of the Prophets. It contains 39... Continue Reading →

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