Monasticism began in the Coptic Orthodox Church towards the end of the third century, and flourished in the fourth. There were hundreds of monasteries and thousands of caves in the mountains of Egypt. Saint John Cassian said that the traveller from Alexandria in the North to Luxor in the South, would have, in his ears... Continue Reading →

Christology of the Oriental Orthodox Church

By Fr. Peter Farrington – St. George Ministry – Coptic Mission Communities in the UK. The Humanity of Christ (What Oriental Orthodox Believe) This is an explanation of the Oriental Orthodox understanding of the humanity of Christ, and rebuttals to common misconceptions and arguments. The Oriental Orthodox Churches have often been criticised for professing a... Continue Reading →

The Canonization of Scripture

I. Which Version of the Old Testament? Today, it is very common to know the list of Bible books “down pat” among Evangelicals – our kids sing songs in Bible School, etc. Every Bible keeps the books in the same order, and divides the Old Testament nicely into “the Law,” “The Prophets,” and ‘The Writings,”... Continue Reading →

The Holy Scripture (Bible)

The Orthodox Church believes that the Holy Scripture is the divinely inspired Word of God (2 Timothy 3:16). It is the story in which God reveals His love for man throughout the history of mankind. The Old Testament tells of the history of that revelation from Creation through the Age of the Prophets. It contains 39... Continue Reading →

Monophysitism: Reconsidered

By Fr. Matthias F. Wahba – Parish Priest from St. Antonius Coptic Orthodox, California, USA. The Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria, in which I am a priest, is one of the Oriental Orthodox Churches. These churches are the Coptic, Armenian, Syrian, Ethiopian, and the Malankara Indian Churches. The common element among them is their non-acceptance... Continue Reading →

The Sacraments

Church Sacraments, or Mysteries, are sacred actions by which the believers receive invisible graces, through material or visible signs. The Coptic Orthodox Church observes seven sacraments: Baptism, Chrismation, Repentance and Confession, the Eucharist, Matrimony, Priesthood and the Unction of the Sick. Three of the Sacraments give permanent seals and thus are not to be repeated,... Continue Reading →

On the Saints

By Fr. Moses Samaan - Parish Priest from St. Marina Coptic Orthodox Church, California, USA. In the Orthodox Church, we define saints as men and women who lived their lives in a manner that reflected the light of Christ to those around them. They are persons who lived such lives of holiness that Christ shone in... Continue Reading →

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