Third Day Memorial: No More Clichés

By Fr. Moses Samaan – Parish Priest from St. Marina Coptic Orthodox Church, California, USA. As Orthodox Christians, our departed loved ones are never far from our minds and the consciousness of the Holy Church. From the very beginning, the Church established special prayers and memorials for the repose of their souls, a practice which stems... Continue Reading →

Orthodoxy: True Worship

The following is a joint post by Paul Hanna (Epsaltos) and Bishoy Sharobim (Sub-Deacon). Bishoy supplied the content for the article and Paul Hanna assisted with editing the text. Introduction The Sunday service of the Orthodox Church is termed the Divine Liturgy. Liturgy means ‘work of the people’ and so the people participate in the... Continue Reading →

What ought we to do?

By Paul Hanna, Epsaltos at St. Mary & St. Mina Coptic Orthodox Church, Bexley, Australia. The quickest way to become frustrated with the Church is to judge it against our expectations. This judgement immediately brings to light the many flaws in our communities. It is a brief step from this to questioning the Holiness of... Continue Reading →

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